Could We Ask Amazon To Take It Over Please?

How often does a public agency turns a profit and why?
Californian cities are a great example. The City of Carlsbad is always in the black. Why do you think that is? Other cities are always in the red. What do you think is the reason(s)?
Amazon, UPS, DHL and so forth work. The USPS has been costing tax payers $Billions/year for decades. Why do you think that is?

Probably because Amazon, et. al rely on USPS to handle last-mile logistics in remote parts of the country where it’s the most expensive and least cost-effective to operate.


The post office is hated bc they are a gov program but we still need them bc the whole reason the post office was created was so that even the poor could send and receive mail on the cheap and if they went away, costs would go up and then the poor would be at a disadvantage. It was designed to make sure everyone could get mail. If we go totally corporate then some people couldn’t mail stuff. So although most hate the post office, it’s intent is good overall. Fed ex , etc would soon charge too much and they aren’t subsidized like the post office. It’s both about affordability and reliability bc before it was created mail service was sporadic and cost too much for a lot people.

Can’t we just have someone competent to run it efficiently?


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