Courtney Lark Breakout Year? Highlights


the oc says he plans to go vertical, applewhite says he was more down the field passing. thus that meaning big year for a wide receiver?..Courtney lark is our top returning receiver, could it be him?

not counting a late grad transfer, Courtney lark or Keith corbin need to have a big year …could the former espn 300 4star live up to the hype? i think so…i would love for him to build his body up some this offseason…

the reel is very short

so i have one more football highlight left, that’s johnson… ill post it at some point…

(Ricardo Montano) #2

It’s almost a given he’ll start next year but who’ll be the #2? Corbin? Maybe Ja’kori Morgan?


im not sure who it will be by mid season but itll definitely be corbin on game 1…he has all the physical tools to be a great wr… he will be the fastest in the lot next year…

(jimmyschofield) #4

Pesik you produce these? What is that “840” at the bottom of all your vids?


its technically not on the video, youtube puts your page icon on the corner of the video, you can remove it by turning off the “annotations” with the widget button
840 is referencing jersey numbers of players i liked ( kobe, favre, westbrook), it doesnt really mean anything

but yeah i produce these