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CMD doesn’t play any Cover 1 that I have seen.
In Cover 3 each CB has a deep 1/3 of field and a safety has middle 1/3. The other safety will play underneath with LBs.
I just rewatched. So CMD rushes 4 and ILB. Godfrey drops to flat. Brown drops to middle. Sprewell runs with with the slot but I think he should be playing flat to field side. Anderson has rotated over to cover slot. CMD doesn’t just blitz recklessly. ThecTE stayed in and blocked but if he didn’t he could have went flat to field side uncovered…Sprewell should have been there imo. Look at pics

Anderson sees that only one receiver to boundary side.if goes deep IJ has him . Anderson has to split the TE and slot in case they run 4 vertical. Myers has field side WR deep.

IJ breaks even though no pump by QB

Toast. Cover 3 becomes match if WR goes deep. If WR runs a drag at 5 yards or shallower…CB lets him go to underneath zone players.


Anderson was in the center of the field, where was the strong saftey?


I’m not sure who the corner is at the top of the pic but why would he let the WR run to the second level and not go with him when there’s no one in his zone.

In your very last pic who is he covering? The deep safety breaks up and then it’s ballgame when the WR goes deep. Even in the 2nd pic it doesn’t appear hes jumping the route, he’s just squatting down to cover no one.

I would think he’d run with the WR until he sees a back or someone come out to his area. I’m just confused on how he played this.


Even more amazing, look how clean that pocket was. Smh!


The SS was Sprewell. He was lined up over slot WR. He turned and ran with him…so he wound up doubled…Anderson was on top.
I think Sprewell should have initially pushed slot inside and then let him go after 8 to 10 yards…all while watching QB and seeing if TE leaked out to flat on a block and release.


lol I’m so lost, how is it cover 3 with the SS over the slot? That would indicate that corners should be in deep back pedals, and the FS should start his pedal in the center of the field. CB’s should not be breaking on in routes( since he thought it was a slant); those should be covered by the linebackers. It had to be single-high-Cover 3. In that case everyone was out of place because no LBs should be going up field.


That’s not a safety in 2nd pic…it Johnson who started as CB in first pic. In 2nd pic…an OLB has dropped to flat area where Johnson started in pic1. Johnson is deep guy top screen in pic 2. He starts by back peddling as WR starts vertical, but about 9 yards into route WR starts turning inside…Johnson thinks it a slant so he plants and thinks he’s gonna jump it for pic. WR goes back to vertical and IJ can’t recover.
Why did he do this?? Because he guessed and they caught him. QB never pump faked…he just watched him whole play and waited for him to commit.
Only a 3 receiver route and other 2 guys well covered but QB never even looked else where…I think they must have seen him cheating up previous and set him up


You can play Cover 3 difference ways. CMD often starts CB in press and then they bail…if WR goes vertical then they match up man. There isn’t any rule in where the SS has to start. He could play man on slot as a switch up…but somebody would have Cover the Curl/Flat to that side. Anderson had no intention of helping IJ…he starts starts moving before snap toward wide side . Where there is a TE…he happened to block. Let me post pic few mins

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You had Cooper, 4-yr Starter, Carter Wall, transfer from TCU who could play every position and settled into Right Tackle. And you had Freeman who was hurt off and on and had to retire, but was excellent around the others who played.


If corner jumps it then fine but your deep man should have your back. In this case they both come up and he runs by.

I get they’re trying to make a play but if you’re going to gamble you shouldn’t do so in a game you’re already behind in.

I get why UH doesn’t play a lot of man, but at least try to get physical and throw them off the route at the line.


Ahhh I’m not used to seeing that combo. I noticed the backers covered the flats. Interesting. Was Anenih in on this play? Because that’s a nice pocket SMU had; it’d be a shame if some speedy linebacker with a swim move collapsed it. haha


your saying like 3 different things lol. Im not saying he should have jumped it. he was in zone…if they threw the slant he might have had it. Your right he used bad judgement and got beat. his first responsibility in this coverage is his deep 1/3 of field.


This is a basic diagram of Cover 3. I’m gonna mark it up


I was going to say. They ran a different variation of single-high-cover 3.


Try and follow…I crossed some stuff out because it didn’t happen.First no QB under center so consider the F and H to be QB and HB.I drew in slot WR between Y(TE) and Z(Flanker). So O has Trips to right or 3 receivers.
Defense…we rushed 4 DL and M(mike LB)A Rob. the W(will LB) Godfrey dropped to flat but wider than in diagram…under X receiver route.S(Sam Lb)Brown dropped as diagramed but more to middle. The ball was on left hash in game.The SS(Sprewell) ran with the slot WR vertical. He should have played the way its diagramed imo…because we had nobody on that side…and if Y(blue) TE had released instead blocking he would have been uncovered. CMD doesn’t play risky like that…so i think Sprewell wound up doubling the slot. Anderson (FS)was there to get him. Sprewell should route slot inside toward Anderson and then settle into the curl/flat area in case a RB or TE come out.
The reason Anderson has to go to his left is because there are 2 potential vertical routes on that side that he is responsible for. If the slot, who did run a vertical, and Y also ran a vertical, Anderson would have to split them and read QB and break on ball. He knows both CBs have outside 1/3s deep and will match up man. Although its zone coverage , it becomes match man if the X and Z run certain routes. IJ has the X even if it had been a slant at 9 yards. If X had run a drag across middle at say 5 yards, he lets him go and underneath guys pick him up,he then sinks to his 1/3 in case a route from other side crosses over to his side. He got beat regardless…he wasn’t getting help and knew it…zone or man he had X.


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Crow time indeed.

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