Cumberland POY

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #21

We will have two former 6th man of the year starting next season.

Maybe Mills or Alley can keep that award rolling our way next season.

(Mark Carter) #22

Share some of his moms tweets … be fun to read … due to the fact we shut him down for 6 min ( a freshman at that ) in a huge game , I think Davis should have won it … sux they had to vote before he went off with cumby on bench … emphasized text

(Dan) #23

Corey has to graduate I understand that. But I refuse to accept Corey mom Twitter is going away. Hilarious.

(Ryon Adams) #24

Probably no other player in the league was more valuable to his team this season than Cumberland, simply because without Cumberland, Cincy would be pretty mediocre.

Davis may very well be the conference’s BEST player, on the conference’s best team, but he is not necessarily the “most valuable” player given that UH can probably still thrive without him.

If the POY award is designed to be given to the “most valuable player,” then Cumberland is probably the right choice. If the POY award is designed to be given to the “best” player, then I’d give it to Davis.

(Patrick) #25