Cumberland POY


Welp, this is disappointing.

(JohnnyCougar) #2

Now that is what I call subjective :roll_eyes:

I’d also call it a word that used to be banned around these parts.

Is this award supposed to be for offense or defense or who carries the team. We didn’t need anyone to carry this team. Corey Davis is clearly the best player in this league.



Under Sampson, the Cougars boast unanimous All-Conference First Team selection in Corey Davis, Jr., a second-teamer in Armoni Brooks, the Sixth Man of the Year in DeJon Jarreau and Sportsmanship Award winner Galen Robinson, Jr.

(Brad) #4

Brooks was six man last year, right. Quite a legacy/dynasty being built

(Gerald) #5

I have no problems with Cumberland winning POY. He was the best opposing player that I have seen in conference this season offensively. He basically kept Cincinnati in the game when they played here.


And maybe fuel for CDJ to go off the rest of the season?? Let’s hope so.

(Ben B) #7

I think he was one FG away from scoring half their points or something ridiculous.

(JohnnyCougar) #8

So I guess it’s based on most valuable to his team player rather than the best player.

Who would you want with the ball in the 6 seconds of a tie game? Davis, please.

(Butch) #9

I love Davis but have no problem with Cumberland getting the award…Cumberland is a stud and gave us fits here and kept them in the game. Take him away from Cincy and they are not a very good team. Take Davis away and we remain pretty good due to our depth.
That said, had I had a vote Davis would have been my choice…

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #10

Not a huge surprise.
I do wonder if a few votes would have changed if the they did not have to be submitted the Wed before our last game.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #11

Though I do want to add on to Cumberland giving us fits. He got on a mini roll in our game at home but we also held him to a very low shooting percentage and shut their TEAM out for the final 6+ min.

Then of course what happened in the last game would have been a game changer

(Thomas) #12

Yeah, but this last game in Cini, Cumberbund was sitting on the bench the last 6-8 minutes and Davis was balling out…


Maybe if Caleb Mills is everything we hear he is, then he’ll be next year’s Sixth Man.

(Grant) #14

It seems like it should be fairly easy to make the voting deadline after the final game. Especially considering what was at stake. How many votes do they even have to tabulate?

Cincy had the shot at home to win a conference title. Davis basically took that game completely over. Not upset Cumberland won, but to me that was the defining moment of the season and Davis was clearly the best player on the floor.

(Bill F.) #15

Cronin said he voted for CDJ after the last game… But he also said it is dumb that voters didn’t get to see that game because votes had to be in before it.

Also said he is not allowed to vote for his own player.

(Cathy) #16

At the last radio show on Monday, CKS said that he voted for Cumberland and that he can’t vote for his owner player. If he could he would have voted for Davis, Jr.


IMHO, due to his work on both ends of the floor its Davis but Cumberland was really good, had a higher pts and assist avg, and was the reason Cincy played so well vs UH in Houston.

They like to spread them out somewhat an all. He can have the award.

Corey has what wanted, a championship. Now, his mom…she’s a riot on twitter right now…

(Dan) #18

Depends who the refs are. I kid I kid.

(Ben B) #19

Cincy didn’t win in Houston.


Again…I’m an idiot