Dan Patrick's "Undeniable"

(steve saxenian) #1

Everyone needs to watch his hour long piece with Carl Lewis. It’s very well done


Where is the link?

(steve saxenian) #3

It was on either HBO or Showtime. There may be replays available. I could only find small segments on YouTube

(steve saxenian) #4

Actually it’s on the Audience network. Direct tv on demand channel #1239

(Patrick) #5

Here’s some of the clips. Haven’t seen the whole thing, but want to:


Watched it when it first came on and pretty darned good. I’ll keep my eyes open and if I see it scheduled in the future, I’ll give a shout-out here on the board.

(steve saxenian) #7

I’m pretty sure you can get it anytime if you have Direct TV by going to channel #1239