David Boren stepping down?

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First Stoops and now Boren. Something cooking up in Norman?

Must have been those famous West Coast sources we always hear about.

Those Barstool viceroy accounts are run by students. They are pretty hit or miss with these “breaking news” stories, mostly the latter.

Hhhhm, what else might be going on.

Rumor floating around for awhile is that Boren has been contemplating this for months, but wanted to ensure a successor of his choosing. Possibility that the AD, Joe Castiglione, could actually be promoted into that role; if he is, the rumors go on to say that OU is probably bound for the B1G when they have the opportunity as Castiglione has ties with the B1G.

Whether it happens tomorrow or not, who knows?


Boren said he will step down on June 30 but that he has agreed to stay longer if a successor has not been selected by that time. He made the announcement during an address before a standing-room-only crowd of several hundred students, faculty and staff inside OU’s performing arts center.

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