David Gibbs

(Ben) #21

One answer to defense on field too long each game is to recruit deeper on defense . . . . .

(Matt Jackson) #22

Yes…because the head basketball coach at UH in 2005 is an apples to apples discussion with a DC in football in 2018. Nothing has changed at UH in 13 years.

(Jimmy Morris) #23

I didn’t know we were doing apples to apples. I pointed out some UH fans were being more forgiving of Gibb’s several failures this year as opposed to the pitchforks they brought out from D’Onofrio’s one failure this year and you brought up … resumes?

(Sam) #24

I’ve always thought that Gibbs did a pretty good job here, but by the same token he had some serious talent with Mbu, Stansbury, Singleton, Mark, Matthews, Oliphant, Stewart, McDonald, and William Jackson. I don’t doubt that he had a good game plan for TCU, but the Frogs’ new QB is VERY erratic, and since the first couple of weeks when TCU clubbed an FCS team and SMU, they’re only averaging some 18 ppg.

(J V ) #25

Should he have been seriously considered as a HC candidate?

What would that next season have looked like with Gibbs as HC?

(Matt Jackson) #26

I do not believe anyone is discussing Gibbs as a HC. Discussion was Gibbs vs Denofrio as a DC.