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Just saw this and wondered why he wasn’t there. Personally, I think that’s a little weak. He’s thinking a reschedule for the Tulane game. Chances are it won’t happen now for the university. He owed it to the school to be there. Then attend your sons final HS game after that. Then again, I think Case was a slightly better QB so happy he got all the attention. He deserved it.

His son’s game was at the same time. I asked him about it a week before at his son’s HS game. He told me then that he would not be able to attend the UH event and that others were working on an alternative date for him. He is a very good man. Glad he gets the Cougar love he deserves.


Luck was not on his side while he was in the N.F.L.Lots of us were pulling for him every Sunday.
He deserves all of our best wishes.

Got drafted by a bad Bengals team with no offensive line. Took Cincy over a decade to fix their org problems; Klingler got sacrificed to that situation.

You’re not too bright if you think. David having to reschedule because his son had a game at the EXACT SAME TIME as the UH game. doesn’t make him less worthy of sharing that retired number. We aren’t talking about a peewee football game. (meant to say “doesn’t”)

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You don’t have kids do you?

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