DBs and RBs, Some thoughts

I finally got around to re-watching the game and tried to focus on the DBs and RBS


  • Williams- didnt show much game 1, hard to know what he is capable off here. but i wont count him out from 1 bad game

  • Patrick Carr- is our best big play RB, between the spring games and this game, not sure why he isnt given more reps. he always shows out when given an opportunity. if we want a quick 6 type RB he is the best option on the roster

  • Mulbah Car- i think he is the best RB on roster. he his extremely quick and shifty for his size. he hits hole quickly and is big and strong…the con being he is more quick than fast… he isnt fast at all…i have actually noticed he gets slower on long runs the further he goes and is always caught… he reminds me of a slow saquon barkley

if we are trying to systematically break a team down and we need to be getting 4-7 yrds every run, i trust no one more on the roster than mulbah…if we are trying to score as quickly as possible on a musT score drive, id probably put Patrick in…

So we were beat basically every 3rd down… and i kept note of who was in coverage for most of it. honestly after watching i am a bit more optimistic with a few changes .

  • Joeal williams #13- probably should have his role in the defense diminished. 3 of the 3rd down conversions were on him, a 4th was also on him through a PI…with no PBUs…and doesnt have any special physical traits that it would be a waste to bench him…he is a good tackler but horrible in coverage

  • Isaiah Johnson #14- 4 or 5 of the conversions aswell as a td was on him…but note he was cb#1 and was guarding rices best/only real threat. This was arguably his worst game at DB for us, but he is way better than he was last year…so i watched game film of his last year and i noticed something…this was Johnson’s first real game vs a WR taller/longer than him…(note winchester was the db that covered sutton mostly when we played smu, wr of similar size)

johnson doesnt have ball skills, i just checked there isnt a single highlight of him locating the ball first before going for a break up…BUT that normally isnt an issue for him. he can stick to most WR from his speed… his height and length alone (6’4 and long) is more than most WR he covers and that alone either makes it difficult for them to catch the ball…OR they have to make excessive movement to catch the ball over him (like jumping early) and he reacts. i noticed that he never looks for the ball, he just reacts to the movements of the WR…(they jump for a pass, he jumps to and puts his longer hands over theirs)

long story short- i think he will do better on shorter WRs…and we need to make adjustments when he plays bigger ones. i still like him as a starter

  • Myers and Anderson: they gave up some plays but i think they made more good plays than bad plays…no db is perfect

overall- i’d love for us to move myers or watkins to the nickle (instead of williams) …Preferably watkins. if we make some adjustments im not as worried about the DB play


What do you think of our offense overall? I think we have a legit shot to be the best in the conference. We haven’t utilized speed like this in a long time. I do have some concerns about the o line and running game but I think that will continue to improve.

we played a bunch of first year guys… our top wr guy hasn’t played football in 3 years, all the rb but mulbah havent played in 2 years … the oline was shaky but got better as the game went along

even when we were scoring yesterday at the end of the game , rice being bad probably played into it… but with that said by mid- season we will be SCARY!!! look at fau, they got drastically better with each game
I LOVE everything about the offense…

my hope is that we dont stumble before we peak


also c-usa put out a shortened version of the game (all in 20mins) for those who want to rewatch


Was the wr from Utah out? There was a talk guy without a helet that was limping. He never came in the game. It had the wr from Utah’s name. I am hoping that he rolled it before the game in warmups today

I think Johnson had problems with Rice’s receiver because of how physical he was. Could be my Cougar Red glasses but he appeared to push off a lot to me.

i dont think that is an issue… i actually think johnson likes that…i watched a couple practices and he likes to get in the grills of wr and get physical. from the practices i saw i wouldn’t be shocked if Johnson is the one who started it…

i genuinely think its the height/length that gave his problems …i noticed johnson never plays the ball (even last year)…he just reacts to the WR…if it looked like the WR was about to catch the ball, he’d just use his superior speed, and longer arms to block their arm before the catch…

in this game vs a tall wr, rice threw the ball high, or in front of the WR, where the wr could catch the ball because of his length, but no way johnson could have reached just by reacting…he would have needed to notice the ball in the air to have had any chance to stop it


Good point. As you know ruck exploited the miss matches. That’s what a good Coach does. This will be no different against every opponent. Arizona has some good size & will try to exploit it as much as they can. We should see a heavy dose/mix of JJ Taylor (RB) Tate running & play actions with their TE’s. The good news is that we know what to expect from JJ Taylor. Can we stop him? We will know in a few days. We have to keep scumlin’s offense off the field & not allow them any rhythm. This is a pivotal game for OL. It is a great test after our first game.


Arizona’s #19 WR is going to chanllenge our DBs all day long.
Not confident in our ability to run with this guy.
That being said, Rice’s QB’s accuracy was incredible on 3rd.
Tate’s (against BYU) was TERRIBLE. -A true Heisman candidate he is not.

Our best chance is for Sumlin to keep trying to make Tate a pocket passer.

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Yes, he was nursing a hamstring. Could have played but was held out in hopes he can go Saturday.

Good deal. I saw that on Duarte’s twitter.

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