DCTF 2018 New Year's Resolutions: The Houston Cougars

(Patrick) #1

What should every FBS team in Texas declare as its resolution for the 2018 season? Greg Tepper and David Ubben of Dave Campbell’s Texas Football offer their proposals.


Commit to King? As if there was any question? CMA would’ve gone to King earlier in the season had he been healthy. There wasn’t a choice until King got healthy and once he was able to get on the field, King’s been the man.

Doesn’t sound like they dug too deep into what’s going on over at Cullen.


As much as I like what I see in King, I do want Bryson Smith to be given a legit shot at the job as well. As we have all said a thousand times on here, competition is never a bad thing. If Smith is truly better, it would be awesome to get a full 4 years out of him rather than just 2 out of King. Especially when King is such a versatile athlete that can be used elsewhere.