DCTF Houston Predictions

(Mark) #1

The 2018 DCTF Summer Edition has the Coogs going 9-3 for season. Losses are Arizona, @ Navy and @ Memphis. Bowl prediction is Armed Forces vs. Oklahoma State. The write-up was pretty favorable and thinking Briles will have us score a lot of points. Of course the defense got a better score on average than the offense. Ya’ll thoughts?

Go Coogs!!!


They also have us as the 2nd best Texas team in college football behind TCU. With all these talented transfers coming in, people are still sleeping at us lol. That Arizona game at the cage will be sold out, packed & classic for UH.

(jimmyschofield) #3

I feel along the same lines. Tech, Arizona, Navy and Memphis are all toss ups IMO. Win a bowl game (especially against a P5 opponent), win 10 games on the season is a success to me.

(Alfred Matthews) #4

so they got us not winning the division? not good enough.

(Thomas Hitchcock) #5

Bowl game against Oklahoma State would be awesome, just hope it is a NY6/playoff game.

(Dan) #6

I’d take 9-3, hoping for more. Hard to win the division on even years when we play Memphis and Navy on the road. Have to beat Sumlin at home. It will sting if we don’t.


To get to the next level, whatever that is, we have to be able to 1. win at home, 2. beat good teams in their house.

So we go 12-0.

P.S. I think Temple is going to be a better team than most think…could be our “trap” game. Or SMU in their house.


12-0 sounds good to me. The defense will keep us in games because of Ed, but if the offense starts clicking early on, oh boy, here we go with Briles leading the charge.


Oh boy, our annual mid-summer delusional predictions of an undefeated season.

(Mike Higdon) #10

I’m with you progs; but, as much as I like EO, he isn’t doing it alone and is going to have a lot of help on defense this year. The fact that our overall defense will be better, and the guys on either side of Big Ed will require more blocking will help EO have a better year. You can’t triple team him when 3 or 4 good rushers are coming at you.

(Jerrycoog) #11

People on this board were picking us to win 9 games when we were the worst program in America now that we have been winning at a consistent level the bar has been raised to 12 wins every year


So you never played competitive sports then. If you did you must have been a real downer in the locker room.

I always expected to win every game. Now, this year we have some question marks, yes. But, be positive man. WRs will step up and not just be fast but catch well too. Run will be back. Defense? Sheesh, what’s there to say? At least as good as 2016.

So, yeah, 12-0. Not a delusion. Not a certainty, but definitely doable with this team.


As a matter of fact, sir, I played basketball and baseball in college. One thing that contributed to that was having learned the importance of playing one game at a time and not making foolish predictions about the future. There is a distinct difference between trying to win each game as a team member without shooting your mouth off and predicting an undefeated season. Not only is it most unlikely (check all-time UH season records), but based on your reasoning all teams, players and their supporters should predict and expect an undefeated season every year lest they are seen as a “downer”.


Yes 12-0 is doable, but do is 9-3 or 8-4. But predicting 12-0 is a fool’s notion.


Oh. By the way, in any of the real locker rooms that I experienced, anyone making claims of winning a game or every game in the season before it was played would have been visited by one or more coaches and players with gentle and kind words and warm, fuzzy feelings as to the need to restrain oneself from making such claims. As a fanboy, feel free to make predictions of an undefeated season such as has been done on UH boards for years unending.

(Charles) #16

Undefeated and top 5 ranked. THIS IS NO LOCKER ROOM.

(Russel ) #17

Gotta dream big man! Lol


We also have a transfer from Utah at Wr and Bryson Smith might play slot.

(Alfred Matthews) #19

as long as we win our conference and go to a g5 access bowl then idc what record we finish with


You’re putting words in my mouth now. And oh, by the way, don’t go calling people fools. we all have our opinions and if you can’t keep it friendly, get lost.