Foe context, I started at UH in 02.

Deeky is my favorite basketball player since I’ve been a Coog. He took over my top spot last year.

Then tonight! Man! I love that guy. Clutch triple double! I don’t know how anybody could pass him in the future.



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Deeky is the best non great player we have ever had.


First triple double since Bo Outlaw in 1993! Let that sink in!


Interesting that it’s referenced to Bo having the last one. Like DeJon, most said he didn’t have enough of an offensive game to play in the NBA. Only played in the league 15 years


Deeky and Galen Robinson to me both represent well the Sampson era…both got better year after year, game after game, through tenacious, relentless hard work.


Great point! He is getting to make his case of how valuable he can be on an NBA team.

Lets this sink in…Jarreau was the first Guard to achieve a triple double since George Reynolds in 1968.


First triple double involving assists since the 1950s!


I knew from the first time I saw him play that he would be good.

This is better than good

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Yes Simon, he is another Susan Boyle.

Deeky has grown so much under coach Sampson. I think he always bought into the culture, and I think he has always been a team guy, a leader.
Well he still is a little crazy when he comes down the court as no one on the court or stands know exactly what he is going to do.
However he has taken total control of what this team needed…he is our true leader.
I never thought Dejon would make it in the NBA, but this year has changed my mind. Not saying he will ever be a star in the NBA, but he has the IT factor and I think he can be a team leader for a team or at least be like our Case Keenum and make a lot of money.
One last thing, I believe because of Deeky so many of the younger kids on the team are following in his footsteps. Shead couldn’t have picked a better person or player to be an understudy to.
Mark my words, Shead will be a player because of our culture and because of Deeky being the leader he is…



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Any updates on how his hip is feeling? I have to imagine it is worse today than it was on Saturday with an extra game of banging and diving for loose balls (like a freaking bad@$$).

Most likely very stiff this morning.

I’d be surprised if he can walk this morning lol 6 full days to rest up though. Hell probably be in some kind of pain the rest of the tournament

Deeky is one of my all-time favorite Coogs. It was obvious that he played yesterday with pain for the whole game. And, what a performance! FAN.TAS.TIC!

And, I am absolutely devastated that I have to stay home, instead of being there in person - missing the first tournament in years, only because of miles on the odometer!!!


Who says he’s not great?

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