Deontay Anderson DB transfer from Ole Miss

(Ben B) #1

Is coming to UH. Go Coogs!

(Cary) #2


BOOM!!! if he gets the waiver we are lock dwn…we just secured our biggest loss group from seniors

if we pretend cornerbacks arent a position group in football :slight_smile: EVERY position group next year looks BONAFIDE!!!

(Ben B) #4

If one CB can step up and be lockdown we could have a scare good defense next year.

(Eric Prado) #5

So this means were down to one scholarship for this class or can this guy be considered a part of next year?

(Ricardo Montano) #6

HUGE GET ! especially if he doesn’t have to sit

(Craig C.) #7

Did he Redshirt this year or does he have three years left of eligibility

(Ben B) #8

He redshirted this year. If he gets his waiver he would have three years of eligibility.


he is going for immediate eligibility… so are all the ole miss transfer… he already lawyered up 2 months ago and said his intentions are to play next season

(Eric Prado) #10

King and Anderson were Manvel teammates


My source from Manvel told me he was down UH or OU
Last week. I mention this on another thread.


Dang this BIG! Errybody wanted this kid out of HS! Welcome to the Coog Family!

(Craig C.) #13

So that means UH have one scholarship for this year right? If there’s any big time recruits left out there they better jump on board or get left behind. Is this the biggest recruit since EO or was Chambers more highly recruited


technically its allen who was a top 10 recruit…if he transfers then itll be anderson

anderson on the espn 300 was 41, ed was 4, king as 202, lark 231, duke was 242
chamber was 167, if bryan jones comes in was 170

lawrence keys is 104, who we are targeting and have a decent shot to land

(Craig C.) #16

Damn nice work, tI would have took me about a week to look all that up. Me and computers don’t get along


Awesome! Welcome, Mr. Anderson.

(Patrick) #18

They should be able to push his scholarship to next year, especially if he’s not allowed to play right away.


The other board says he has to sit a year and has two to play

(Eric Prado) #20

I thought all transfers out of Ole Miss would be eligible?


other board put out a correction, that its not decided