Deontay Anderson eligible immediately

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Fantastic news.

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Freaking finally!!!

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this defense is gonna be stout!

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This is great news both short term and long term. We are a major player in the transfer game and I can see similar waivers working in our favor in the future. Coaches should not be able to lie to these extraordinary young men and I’m glad their programs are being held accountable for it.

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Deontay, the TCU DE and the Utah WR are HUUUUGE adds!

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if d’onofrio cant make this defense legit this season then he has to go. too much talent.

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It is about freaking time.


All this is great news. How good will our o-line be though? I have watched most of last year again except for Tulsa, just can’t take that again, and our line just didn’t have the explosiveness, speed, or strength to make and sustain blocks.

So we’ll have a world class D, I think , but the o-line really worries me.

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I really think we are going to be good this year. The talent is there.


Agree, our O-line has been suspect at best for the last couple of years. The one advantage of the way Briles does wider splits with the O-line makes up for being inept. It spreads the defense and forces them to expose their attack. If they decide to attack one way it opens up something else. So it will all come down to QB recognition of where to go instead of depending on the O-line. So we should be ok :+1:

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Also have a lot of returning experience even with the losses of Rodgers and Oliver. Fontana, Eloph, Denley and Williams all have starts under their belts to go along with the two Joneses and Noble… throw in the JUCO kid, Alexander, And some others like Bardswell and Murphy and Clements has a lot to choose from.

One of the problems last year was how the line often had problems remembering who to block. That should change this year under Briles system which is much simpler.


O-line certainly looked confused last year. I hope you are correct.


We are definitely the 2018 sleeper team