Describe 7-5 in one word, I’ll start: unexpected

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I saw this schedule as tailor made for a run, a run of the table kind of run. I thought Tech, S. Fla. and Memphis would be tough but that our talent would prevail. I saw Arizona and Tulsa as possible traps. I didn’t expect to lose to Tulane.

Based upon my expectations, this was the most disappointing season ever.

Having said that. I’m not willing to close down the program. This was one one weirdass year! Except for the Tulsa fiasco we were in every game until the bitter end. A ball that’s oblong will bounce in funny ways, the other side gives out scholarships too and sometimes you just can’t control all the stuff that happens. CMA has a year of experience as a HC, we signed some players that look really good and we still have Mr. Oliver. If we straighten out the few (yes, only a few) little kinks, we should do in 2018 what we should have done in 2017.

On a side note:
Thanks to all the players (and coaches), especially the seniors for all the hard work and representing us with class. Go Coogs!


I was expecting 8-4 regular season. So for me, we were on par pretty much as far as wins and losses go.



After this season, I will NEVER prognosticate on what our season will be the following year. We have excellent talent, a great school, a shiny new IPF, and a state of the art stadium. We are 7-5 due to the coaching/schemes, etc. It is probably a good thing we didn’t end up playing UTSA.

Other schools give out schalarships too, but our talent level is better (in most cases in the AAC).

Just as we are growing the fan base, students are coming out and Alumni are coming back, we lay a huge, season long egg.

While I will always support the Coogs, i am really hoping the with a year under his belt and some coaching upgrades we will improve. I will not begin to guess by how much. i will now simply si back and expect a little better than the previous year…


67th scoring offense is more than a kink. That’s a systemic problem

And while I’m willing to give up some points to control the flow of the game, we were 106th in TOP so that didn’t happen either

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It may have been the same few kinks over and over and and over and over but I still say they were few, frequency notwithstanding. I get your point though.

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deja vu



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All New coaches.
Missed a recruiting cycle.
O-Line problems not addressed.

7-5 or 8-4 was reasonable





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Major bummer

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