Devin Davis Highlights. Mr. Mid-Range


(Russel ) #2

This is awesome Pesik! Gonna miss him for sure!


Definitely going to miss this kid. It was so strange to see his mid-range jumper completely abandon him in the tournament. I’m still in shock over that.

I know he probably won’t get a sniff in the draft, but hope he finds his way onto an NBA D-League team. He has the skills to play at the next level.


i agree, move him from 4 to a 3 and you can definitely see the nba potential …i didn’t even realize how good his handles were till the tournament

(Mark Shapiro) #5

His mid-range and baseline jumper really reminded me of Michael Young.


He could likely land with a European team too.

(Patrick) #7


If he had just hit those free throws.