Disappointing Season but

(PortlandCoog) #1

But… you guys aren’t. Really enjoyed the board this year and y’all are all fine folks and fans…

Wishing all of you peace this holiday season, and though I wish we had done better… love the Coogs, our university, these players and I hope everyone reading this finds some joy now and in the new year.

PC out…


Classy post

(PortlandCoog) #3

Thanks and I do mean it. In the end it’s just a game… a passionate one… but a game. What’s more important are the people that make up the entirety of Coognation, win or lose.

(WRB) #4

Well done Portland. Enjoy the holidays.

(Keenum Era Coog) #5

Sadly coognation dwindles as i write this.

(PortlandCoog) #6

Nah. We’re all here. Fortunes rise and fall. We’ll be ok. Enjoy your holiday and be of good cheer.

(Ben) #7

Thanks to everyone involved in this board. Including the organizers/administrators and all of those making comments. I do appreciate classy comments and opinions, dislike vulgarity. I did view a board involving UT, and it was not good. No class. Just love our UH community . . . . .

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #8

Merry Christmas PC!


I’m very disappointed with this season. Last year was also disappointing. UH was favored to win the AAC and they didn’t even play for the championship. Then, they go out and get embarrassed in the bowl game. Another subpar performance this season. Applewhite is good at one thing so far, getting outclassed in bowl games! Also, where would this team be without the great Ed Oliver? I cringe at the thought. Applewhite better find himself a decent OC because another year of this is not acceptable. Ok, just had to vent a little. Merry Christmas everyone!