Do we all have Briles-Sumlin PTSD?

After being left at the alter, so o speak, by both Briles and Sumlin. Have we gotten PTSD that any hint of adversity means our Coach is gone or “checked out”? I know it was easy to say Sumlin checked out on that championship game years ago - one of the most disappointing losses in recent history. However, look at what Sumlin has done since. Has he ever won the big game? Maybe it was less a problem with Sumlin’s job hunt in 2011 than it was Sumlin being Sumlin? If that’s the case, then maybe we can throw out this fear that CTH checked out during our losses. Look at the facts, we aren’t as talented/good this year, injuries and play calling hasn’t always been ideal.

Really, this year’s results are more what we expected for last year. However, after the surprise success of last year, we all had our eyes on a National Championship. So, we are looking for any reason to point to why we lose and forgetting that we just weren’t as good/deep this year.

Of course, I’m rooting for UH to win out… and for Navy to lose the next two. Whatever the case, I’m not giving up… Go Coogs!


Walks like duck, quacks like a duck, well…

I guess you make your own luck, but can’t deny we’ve had some bad luck/karma. Injuries, bye week after nine straight games, 4 games in 19 days, then hit a wall in October, when it all came to roost. Now, facing a tough opponent, may not have GW AND The Postman. Beating Lville will be…well, an uphill climb to say the least. As far as Sumlin, and of luck, he was good with Johnny Football, but hasn’t been since. I can’t complain about AB he did a good job for us, no matter what naysayers say. Even CTH admitted we’re not that talented or deep to not win every game and win big.

3-4 Herman threads on Orangebloods every day don’t help. The timing of the poor play, locker room drama, etc. is terribly coincidental as it lines perfectly with all the rumors.

The fans at the game Saturday…it was very strange. All the energy and passion seems gone. It feels like we’re just going through the motions. I was hoping the Louisville game would bring us back. I guess we’ll see. That second half against Tulane was really bad.

Well realistically I don’t see WHATEVER we are suffering from offensively … be it PTSD … complacency … or loss of morale due to unknown factors concerning our top coaches …

THAT over night a bummed up/semi injured Ward and Postma are going to perform a UCF/Pittsburgh miracle with a top 5 team coming to town. This “ain’t” hamburger helper showing up Thursday night.

To quote some ole '40s radio programs … “when last we left our heroes they were hanging on to dear life in dire straights … NOW … a fate worse than death is facing them … do they summon the means to meet the challenge OR are they doomed from the beginning … stay tune … and drink your Ovaltine in the meantime:slight_smile:

I refer to it as “Battered Coog Syndrome”. And, yes its real.

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I say yes. Fool me once shame one you, fool me twice…

Does two coaching betrayals leave a scar? Absolutely. Will we always believe coaches will bolt, if successful, to a bigger more funded program? Yep.

We will think that until a coach tells them no.

Maybe, but talking to people at the tailgate and in the stands, I don’t think people care either way. I think they have coach fatigue at this point. Leave or don’t leave, we don’t care just do something. This yearly coaching “will he or won’t he” crap has gotten old and it’s only the 2nd year. I think some would prefer he left so that people wouldn’t need to deal with it anymore. It gets old.

As far as energy being sapped out of the stadium/program, after the SMU game it became most likely UH was going to the Miami Beach bowl or something similar instead of the Peach Bowl or something similar. It’s a huge disappointment. All the fanbase has to look forward to is next year.

Yes, that is all.

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