Doctor’s orders: Cougars must treat three ailments


(Chris Vaughan) #2

No cure for slow

(Jimmy Morris) #3

“Ailments in all three phases of the game are preventing football from reaching its full potential”

Then goes on to pretty much describe all the problems with the offense. Typical Daily Cougar journalism. The best way to get published there, be negative but try to be clever about it.


Or over-saturated rain clouds pouring down doom and gloom.


No cure for…


a bad case of lovin’!


More cowbell

(jimmyschofield) #8

I thought the article was “clever.” And it’s not “gloom and doom” IMO. It was pretty much spot on. We’re 3-1 but have beat 3 bad teams. SMooo has 4 wins against below average competition. Honestly I think 75% of the FBS is below average really.

(Cary) #9

I dont have a problem with anything that was said. Some quotes that I thought were good points of emphasis:

“The Cougars failed to score again and accumulated just 27 yards of offense in the scoreless fourth quarter.”

“A season-high 12 penalties cost the Cougars 108 yards and played a pivotal role in having to punt six times. Houston has been flagged 30 times in 2017, which places them in the middle-of-the-pack at No. 71 for fewest penalties among the 130 FBS teams.”


Define average for me - I am a numbers guy and your guess here intrigues me. I’ll work up the numbers once I know the criteria.


Seems like oxymoron, how can most be below average. Wouldn’t that change average


Not always. For example for D-1 schools:

(jimmyschofield) #13

I meant just via the “eye test.” My only subjective opinion.