D'Onofrio - Redemption & Johnson - Start Packing

(Cary) #1

As of November 25th, I expect the entire offensive staff to be packing their houses up. Maybe keep Scelfo and Casey. I have seen improvement from the Oline, even though they still need work.

(Tom) #2

Wait for second half before you make a call in Dinofrio,. Houston gave up 35 points in second half against Memphis

(Cary) #3

I think that was an anomaly. He has actually done a pretty good job this year masking a young secondary. I expect the D to start to struggle in the 4th quarter in this game, because the offense is taking no pressure off of them.



(Cary) #5

35 point. 7 was scored on ST, which arguably sparked their comeback.


Bruhs we just won tho.

(Cary) #7

Even after winning, I still say Johnson is in over his head. We were lucky that Lark caught that ball on 4th down. The three proceeding plays were horrible calls.

(PortlandCoog) #8

Cary, just enjoy the win. We can analyze next week. Go have one on me dude. COOOOOOOGS!


Well the Oline didn’t even block so I am giving Johnson a little alibi but just a little.

(Cary) #10

Oh I’m ecstatic bro! I feel like driving three hours from San Antonio for ECU might be worth it again.