Drops kill

This is a inexperienced recieving corps…turning point in the game is 4th and 3 and Corbin drops a pass that should be caught. Who knows but if converted maybe we go up 35-28 and then 42-28 early in the third and it’s a different ballgame. This something that will be improved but unfortunately it played a factor in this game.


That contributed to our momentum and it is important. At the same time when you get 60+ points scored against us there is no question where the problem comes from.
t-tech has played with the same offense since Leach. Yes it is has evolved but klingsburry is not a mystery to us. If there is one Coach’s mind that we know it is him…and Gibbs. So that’s two ex U of H Coaches that were here just a few years ago. Did someone do their homework? It is harsh on my part but you either recruit better or you plan better. We obviously have some big question marks on both sides.


I agree 100 percent. Our offense will get even better and that’s scary to think about lol. Our goals of winning a conference championship are still there and I believe we will represent the west. Let’s see what happens and I can say for sure this team is much more fun to watch than last years!


If we want to get to the championship we better pray for a downpour during the Memphis game

We definitely need to get things cleaned up before we play them. But I’ve seen them play against navy and Georgia state. Their passing offense is not at the same level of TT. Neither is their defense for that matter so we will see! Also it’s not going to be the same road environment.

We need some depth at WR too. They were gassed and we didn’t have anyone to give some of them a blow.

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Great point

Navy in a flood.
GA State? Why pass when you have 410 yards rushing? But they had 5 passing TDs anyways

It’ll be a great game. And that will most likely be the game that decides the West. I think we’ll be much better by the time we play them.

TTUs WR were/are just as inexperienced as ours. They didn’t make every catch and mostly they were more open than our guys, but they didn’t have the drops our guys did.

TT receivers had as much time as they wanted to run around an get open.

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