East Carolina vs. Houston Game Preview

(Patrick) #1

Davon Grayson has been the surprise of the conference, and is near the top in receiving yards. His quarterback, Thomas Sirk has been solid for the most part, which has contributed to Grayson’s success. If not for that combination, the Pirates might be even worse with a lack of running game. Hussein Howe is their leading rusher with 214 yards, followed by Sirk at 162. Facing Houston’s front seven, this could be their worst game on the ground yet. And they’re probably not going to get much support from their defense.

ECU continues to have the worst defense in the country, and it’s not even close. Allowing 578 yards per game, they allow 120 more yards PER GAME than the next worst team (Kansas allows 458 yards per game). Houston’s offense may not be the best they’ve seen, but everyone seems to be looking good against ECU even when the Pirates win.