ECU hires Joe Dooley

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Rare to see a former HC get rehired at a school.(almost 20 years later)
Did well at Florida Gulf Coast.

(Patrick) #2

Hopefully it works out. He did well at FGCU and they were an exciting team to watch. His stint at ECU was disappointing, but that was a while ago.

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AAC needs 10 win ECU & USF to get respectable.
(Tulane not much better but seems on the upswing)

USF awful this year again in Brian Gregory’s 1st year. Amazingly its their best year since 13-14.


his tenure at fgcu isnt what i see as the postive in this hire.he was an assistant kansas since their title run began, 10 years, after he was let go at ecu the first time…10years under the best you will learn alot

(Randy ) #5

Relative to ECU’s basketball history, his first tenure there wasn’t that bad. Of course I’m just looking at win/loss records and may be missing something.

(Patrick) #6

He did well his 1st/2nd year, but things fell apart after that.

(Randy ) #7

Agree, but his falling apart was better than their historical falling apart. He was close to .500 his last year.

I’m probably missing some of the details that makes it more obvious.

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ECU fans like it.

(Patrick) #9

May not be a done deal yet:

(Gerald) #10

ECU fans say that the AD went rogue and fired him for no reason. They are very happy with this hire if it happened.

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ECU fans say it is a done deal. Even got the flight tracker going.

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Good hire. Certainly about the best ECU can do given what that program has going (or not going) for it.

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Coaches come and go at ECU, but not in a stepping-stone sort of way. The job has mostly offered up a long plank for coaches whose careers are winding down. Its location in the basketball-friendly state of North Carolina hasn’t helped. East Carolina is one of the toughest jobs in all of Division I, a job that only got tougher when the school moved to the American Athletic Conference in 2014.

“It’s like going from fishing in a little boat in a pond to out in the ocean,” says Jeff Lebo, who stepped down last December as the winningest coach in program history (albeit with a losing record) since it moved to Division I in 1965. “You look up and the boats out there have all the big crew and all the equipment. Sometimes you still have some of the stuff you had from the pond. You’re fishing hard, but sometime it doesn’t always work.”

Take, for example, this comparison to a fellow AAC member. Memphis spent more than $3 million in operating expenses for men’s basketball during the 2016-17 fiscal year, according to the school’s most recent Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (EADA) submission. That broke down to $233,313 per participant, which led all schools in the American. Operating expenses can include things such as equipment, pre- and post-game meals, uniforms and travel. East Carolina spent $55,320 per player, which ranked ahead of only Tulsa, Tulane and South Florida in the 12-member American.

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Fortunately NCAA basketball is still a sport where a good coach can cobble a group of tough kids together and capture lightning in a bottle. I don’t like seeing any program flounder indefinitely.

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