Ed Oliver All Day, Every Day 2018

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Think it’s time to start a new thread for Big Ed and we’ll start it with this tweet from him today:

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“I do plan on leaving this year,” Oliver told reporters. “It’s just the truth. I wish I could stay another year, but it’s just my time to go.”

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Good for him, end the questions now. Man’s going to give us 3 outstanding years, and then cash his winning lottery ticket. Hey Tom Herman, when you’re planning on leaving, this is how you do it.

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Need a subscription to read. Man I love Ed; just so down to earth and matter of fact. Love that he loves UH and he’ll be a great rep on the next level.

Why was the start of spring practice the right time to make your draft announcement?

Oliver: “I had to go ahead and get that out of the way so people would stop asking me about it. People make a big joke out of stuff like that, like in recruiting with their commitment process and saying what school you’re committing to and having all the hype around them. I don’t need that. I don’t need a bunch of people asking me the same question a million times between now and the end of my junior season. I just felt that was going to be a problem, me answering that same question. So just go ahead and get that out the way. I’m sure right now it’ll be hectic, but eventually it’ll settle down.”

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Big Ed is just cut from a different mold. He is such a rare blend of off-the-charts talent, work ethic and humility. We are going to sorely miss him in the years to come.

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I just realized his profile photo on Twitter is him doing the Heisman pose. He really wants it this year.

What do y’all think the over/under is on total touchdowns he scores this year?

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I’ll put it at 1.5.

I’d be surprised if he’s able to get the ball that much in this offense. They may try it a few times in games that are basically over, but I don’t see them putting him in there when the game is on the line.

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Walter Football has Ed going 2nd overall next year


2. New Orleans Saints: Ed Oliver, DT, Houston

2018 NFL Mock Draft Pick (as of 2/14): Rashaan Evans, LB

The Saints could use another interior defensive presence to go along with Sheldon Rankins, as it seems as though Nick Fairley may never play football again. The Saints have cut ties with Fairley.

Ed Oliver was a highly productive defensive lineman for Houston, recording a ridiculous 22.5 TFLs as a freshman. He was a monster this season and currently projects to be a top-five pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.


I remember reading that there could be a change in the rules that would make some of the cut blocks on big Ed illegal. So where are we with that ruling?