Ed Oliver is More Valuable to UH than Tom Herman:

Ed Oliver is More Valuable to UH than Tom Herman:

O_liver should be a Heisman Trophy candidate next season_


How is Ed’s super-valuable knee?

Joseph Duarte ‏@Joseph_Duarte 12m12 minutes ago
Source: MRI exam shows @UHCougarFB DT Ed Oliver has a minor MCL sprain of right knee. He’s expected to play Friday at Memphis


The idea the Ed may transfer with CTH is something completely made up by CTH’s suitors. Big Ed won’t leave Houston, not with his brother here for another year. He’s also stated numerous times that he loves Houston and that coming here was the best decision he’s ever made.

The fact that it’s even being discussed is just gross.

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Yep, reminds me of Briles and RG3

Not that Oliver and CTH are similar, just the talk and the way that went down.

Dunno about gross but it is ignorant, which fits about 90% of the people talking about CFB on the internet

That is ridiculous! Ed Oliver is important, but I will take a coach that can pull in 15 good D1 players in a class year after year, as CTH has done, over one individual player, even a once in a generation player. CTH is a once in a generation coach.

Ed will be drafted in the 2019 draft unless he feels like he still has something to prove. Transferring would just delay that.

Anyone floating the idea that Ed would transfer is a total potato. Ed is here because he wants to be, and he will be a Cougar for at least 2 more years. Listen to the young man speak just once, and you realize he is not your typical 18-19 year old freshman phenom. He thinks differently.

I’m sorry, but this column is trash. Chris Baldwin doesn’t write his opinion pieces with anything in mind other than getting clicks.

Stupid stupid stupid

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