Eddie Van Halen passes

Beck, Malmsteen, May, Van Halen, and, of course, Iommi would all rank highly on my list.

Stevie Ray Vaughan also deserves some recognition.

Burl Ives had some skill.

And among classical guitarists, Segovia is in a class by himself.

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Ya know, while I was in (over 20 years), we only had concerts by people like Sherrie Austin and Gary Sinise (LT Dan Band).

Sure wish the service could have brought in stars like the ones you saw!!!

One surprising thing is how tiny Sherrie Austin is. I got to meet her, and she’s probably no taller than 5’1”.

What a list!!!
I would include David Gilmour. I saw him with and without Pink Floyd.
Eric Johnson. The following is his biggest hit.

Joe Satriani
His live shows are outstanding. I saw him live in Anaheim. This was Joe and his guitar. Can you imagine a two hours set?

I have to stop there.

Rest in Peace Mr. Eddie Van Hallen.
Prayers to his entire family and friends

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This speaks to what a good guy he could be.


May he Rest In Peace.

Truly a sad day, I grew up as a fan. He could just shred.

Great list of guitarists. Tough to rank them and not leave someone off.

No Jimi Hendrix? I could easily put him in Bo Diddly’s place!

His poor wife sounds heart broken as his son did yesterday.

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So was Valerie his ex wife.

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Yep, and both were at his side when he passed away. Valerie is Wolf’s mother.

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I can’t imagine losing a spouse. But yes they were there the three of them and their grief must be deep. Valerie’s post was deeply touching.

May he Rest In Peace.

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