Eddie Van Halen passes

Great hard rock guitarist!


2020 is just awesome. :sob:



It just keeps giving

He has had it rough health wise for awhile. So sad that his cancer just exploded throughout his body and into his brain.

But he had a hell of a life and it started at such a young age for him. God bless him and his family. His Tweet from his son was heart breaking.

I always thought he was on of the top couple guitarist ever, but this shows him at eigth.


He would be on the top 10 rock guitarists:

  1. Chuck Berry (he invented it)
  2. Bo Diddly
  3. Keith Richards
  4. Pete Townsend
  5. Eric Clapton
  6. George Harrison
  7. Eddie Van Halen
  8. Ronnie Wood
  9. Allen Collins
  10. Jimmy Page (yeah I know should be higher)

Any such list that does not include Tony Iommi is a BAD list.


Ok Black Sabbath was pretty awesome. He had some of his fingers cut off that is why the sound was so unusual.

No Jimi in the top 10?

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Yeah he would be there too. But who on that list would you take off to put Hendrix on. I like Along the Watchtower but it was written by Dylan. Has Purple Haze stood the test of time? There are some guitarist who sound good today, others like Hendrix sound dated.

The Stones sound good today. Cream, Moody Blues sound dated. That is my feeling towards Hendrix.

Just my personal opinion, but Jimi is clear #1, no one living or dead comes close. He was truly from another world.

The sheer amount of output is pretty amazing when you consider that he released “Are You Experienced” in 1967, and died in 1970. Pretty incredible 4 years if you ask me.

No such thing as best this-or-that for something without a score and stats. Probably 100 rock guitarists you can point to, things they play, techniques they invented, and make a case for them.

EVH was a great innovator. As was Hendrix. SRV reinvented the Blues. Clapton, Beck, Page, Yngwie Malmsteen (great innovator), Satriani, and plug in your favorite rock guitarist wherever in the list you like. I like a gazillion of them.

But we are humans and love ordering things, ranking them top-to-bottom. :stuck_out_tongue:


He’s da man!!!

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Brian May from Queen deserves some consideration as well.

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Tony and Eddie were good friends. (Iommi’s best man was John Bonham, for one of his weddings anyway), and Tony was a big influence on Eddie. Van Halen included several Sabbath songs in their early days sets and Eddie originally wanted to call the band Rat Salad.


Thanks for sharing!!!

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True story. When I was stationed in Wurzburg, Germany, in the late 1970’s, my wife and I saw a show that opened with a group named Finch, followed by Van Halen, closed by Sabbath. One of the kids in the barracks had played the first VH album for me, so I knew what to expect. Fun night.

Sounds like a DREAM concert!!!

Wish I could have been there!!!

Do you still play in a blues band?

I’d probably agree. I think Blackmore is right there with him. But guys like Clapton, Beck, SRV, Page, Iommi, Gilmour, Trower, Van Halen, and the technical virtuosos like Satriani, Malmsteen, Vai, Buckethead, etc. all are incredibly talented in one way or another. Some may be better at creating riffs, some at shredding, etc. Really more a matter of personal preference than anything.

Not in years. Don’t miss it. By the time I mustered out in 1979, VH was taking over the world.

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