Engineering Alumni Breakfast

A big thank you goes out to Dean Tedesco and the team over at the Cullen College of Engineering. They hosted a bunch of alumni at the Dish Society on San Felipe this morning for breakfast. Really good things happening over there. Great graduation rates, high SAT scores for incoming freshmen, 69th best Engineering school in the country (of 300+), growing student body, growing number of nationally recognized professors, and already over $100 MM raised toward their $140 MM target with two years left to cover the remainder of that ground. GO COOGS!!!

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What do they plan to use that money on?

Per Tedesco, the $140MM is the Engineering College’s goal supporting the universities efforts to raise $1 billion for scholarships, facilities, endowments, etc.


The Engineering programs have definitely come a long way in recent years with the addition of Petroleum and other programs to compliment their existing strengths in things like Chemical engineering.

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