Ep.312: Memphis Meltdown, Cougar HOOPS Talk, USF Preview W/Dakotah Wilson by Scott & Holman Pawdcast

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It’s another week of Cougar football and once again the guys are left to process another absolutely spirit crushing loss. This time it was to the Memphis Tigers by way of allowing 42 2nd half points. The guys also preview this week’s opponent: the USF Bulls with Dakotah Wilson of 247,

On a happier note the guys take their FIRST chance to talk the 2017-18 Cougar men’s basketball team following an 81-78 exhibition win over the Baylor Bears. Also, Four Word Reviews were read and an immensely successful weekend of women’s’ sports (Volleyball, Soccer, Swimming & Diving) was discussed.

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(srassen7) #3

As rough as it was to talk about the Memphis loss, I thought we had a lot of positive content this week with the nice exhibition result from Cougar Hoops.

(Eric Prado) #4

I like the part about flexing after a hard foul.

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