Ex-Bengal Devon Still has chosen a new foe to tackle - cancer | NFL | Journal Gazette

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Former Houston Texan is now attending UH for a Master’s degree.

Still got a degree in criminal law at Penn State with the idea of helping juvenile delinquents when his football career ended. He’s now working on a master’s degree in leadership at the University of Houston that will help him navigate corporate culture as he advocates for families.

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“Writing this book was really therapeutic because I got to relive some of these moments,” said Still. “I wanted to be transparent, so people could see themselves in my struggles. I’m really glad that I gave Leah’s battle with cancer a purpose. One thing I regret is not being vulnerable enough in front of Leah and crying in front of Leah. I thought I had to be strong for her in order for her to be strong.”

The 29-year-old still lives in Houston and is currently getting his master’s degree from the University of Houston. While Leah has been begging dad to go to a football game, Devon is still getting used to not being a football player anymore.