Expert Picks for the Entire 2017-18 College Football Bowl Schedule



spoiler alert: they don’t think too highly of UH.

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December 24, 2017

Hawaii Bowl: Fresno State (9-4) vs. Houston (7-4): Heisman Trophy winner Andre Ware threw 46 touchdown passes for the Houston Cougars in 1989. Former Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr threw 50 during his senior year, but he also played in one more game.

Final Score: Houston 31 Fresno State 24


How does any of that have anything to do with Fresno vs UH? I also think the game will be lower scoring than that. UH 20 FSU 13.

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That’s Clayton Trutor, our Cincy friend. He’s a little off his rocker.


At the bottom of the post he reminds everyone, especially me I guess, that it’s a parody. I think his picks are sincere, but yeah, the off-beat commentary caught me by surprise. I like it.


Was thinking the same exact thing!