Fall Games


Since we can now play 2 Fall exhibition games. Have they made any hint of who we may have lined up to play.

(Patrick) #2

No. It’ll probably be late summer before we hear anything.

(Patrick) #3

Looks like San Jac is one of them:


Do the Junior College teams get to play more fall games? I thought they only were allowed two.

(Patrick) #5

Yes, JUCO can play up to 76 total games during the school year, with a max of 56 in the spring.

D1 Baseball is so restrictive when it comes to rules. Even this 2 games in the fall thing is a bit ridiculous when softball gets 5 games.

(Patrick) #6

This would put it more in line with JUCO where schools can play any number of games in the fall, but, after 2, they start counting against the Spring slate.

(Patrick) #7

Date for game against SanJac has been set. Looks like we’ll play them Sunday, Oct 7th.