Family 4 packs on sale for Tulane and Cincy games

(Patrick) #1

(VancouverCOOG) #2

Wow, what a great offer! It’s like getting free tickets.


I hate, hate, hate that tip off time for the Cincy game. There is literally no way I can get there that early on a weeknight.

(PMM) #4

You have to give it to them, they are trying real hard to get people to the games.

Listening to the local media, one would not know that UH has a basketball team…except for Mark Berman.

(Ben) #5

Get food poisoning just after noon . . . . .

(Ben) #6

Hate to complain, but . . . . . It appears this offer has a glitch, or maybe it’s a clusterf**k. Offer says you must order the tickets the night prior to the game. I tried for Sundays game. Ticket purchase site says I must pick the tickets up at the UH Ticket office, but when I called, the answering machine says the ticket office is closed Saturday and Sunday. Stuck in limbo here. Any suggestions? Or maybe pick up tickets @ TSU will call window ? ? ? ? ?

(David) #7

So no Print At Home option? I assume they will make it right at the game at Will Call if you have the confirmation. Just make sure you allow plenty of time to sort it out after waiting in line with temps in the 30s.

(Ben) #8

I always remember the quote “Assume makes an ass out or u and me” . . . . .

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(gpropes) #10

Surely you can pick up your tickets at will call before the game. Surely.

(Mark Jacob) #11

I don’t know and stop calling me Shirley.
Go Coogs!

(gpropes) #12

Do you like movies about gladiators?

(David) #13

I am the one with tickets in hand so…


This thread could go on for pages with Airplane quotes.