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A co-worker asked me about single game tickets for the Arizona game and I told him there was a 4 pack available for $100 which included 4 tickets, hot dogs and a soft drinks. He looked at the online purchase tickets and pointed out the “Fan 4 Pack” is available for all home games. I am not sure if this comparable to the prior years’ family plans. The following is from the online ticket sight.

Fan 4 Pack can be purchased for each home Houston Football game.
4 Tickets, 4 Hotdogs, 4 Drinks for just $100
Must purchase a minimum of 4 tickets.
You MUST select the Fan 4 Pack Delivery Method to Receive your concession vouchers. All tickets must be printed on 8.5x11 white paper.

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That’s a better deal than I’m getting with my season tickets and a, if I do say so myself, sizable Cougar Pride donation.

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section230rocks - Yep I agree. My 4 seats in section 229 run me $2,600 (ticket cost + CP donation) with no hot dogs or soft drinks. However, our view in 229 and 230 is probably superior to the Fan 4 Pack seats. I just chalk up my cost as part of my annual entertainment budget. Plus a sizable amount is the CP donation which supports athletics.

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I’m with you. I’m just thinking maybe they would sell more season tickets if they gave us a couple of hot dogs occasionally.


I bet you have a better seat location.

This sounds like a good deal for a family or friends that only attend a few games a year.

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