Feel Vs. Real - Todd Whitting


This happens at all levels. Basically you trust feel over what is actually happening. Had a chance to talk to @uhcougarbb Head Baseball coach Todd Whitting about this. I actually remember in my freshman year, Coach Whitting telling me my hands were getting away from me as I was loading to hit. I literally argued because I “felt” good but in reality, this was causing inconsistency, especially at the college level and it was inevitable that the scouting reports had me hard in and soft away. Dont rely on feel alone. JD expands trusting eyes over feel… get that ipad out and trust what your eyes tell you. Becoming a student never stops in baseball. JD is having MVP type numbers but you can see where his knowledge and foundation as a hitter is at. Knowlwdge is :crown:. Know yourself better than any coach but be open to always learning!

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