Fertita Center Opening

(Dustin K) #1

Are we still supposed to have Arkansas for the opening or did this year’s home game against them take the place?

(PMM) #2

I have heard that…however, on the telecast of the game against the hogs, the sideline reporter commented that Sampson had suggested to Mike Anderson (jokingly I believe) that he would have preferred to delay this past Saturday’s game to next year when the new center opens. And Anderson’s supposed reply was “no way”.

Therefore was this true or not, it caught my ear as I thought that Arkansas still owed us another home game and that next year was the year.

Now, not so sure.


Arkansas might never schedule a UH game again - after the way we beat them down last Saturday!


Who do you guys want to see us play? I honestly don’t care who we play to open the place I just want ad least a brand name.

(David) #5


One can dream, right?



(PMM) #7

Since the first game will be a sell out anyway, we should bring in a team that we can probably beat the crap out of…say,


(Patrick) #8

Georgetown, that way we can have Hakeem and Ewing there when the Coogs beat the Hoyas.

(Brad) #9

N.C. State (exorcise some demons)


2_soon my young Jedi


It should be UCLA given our exciting history together. With our ambitions toward the PAC
we ought to exchange every year.