Finish Strong


We now have a QB, RB and a WR to go to. We need to beat Tulane and NAvy, then whatever bowl game we get, go to it and win it to finish 9-3 maybe get some votes at the end to have momentum going into next season. We dshould have a nice influx of talent, guys back from injuries, red shirts ready, transfers ready.

Too bad we couldn’t make up the UTSA game to finish 10-3.

Go Coogs!


A 3-loss season would be on the historic side!

Only had two seasons with less than 4 losses since 1991.

(Tom) #3

Is it possible to schedule an FCS school that championship week (TSU), to play the 13th game.
Practise game more than anything else, logistically this would not be too difficult to put together

(Eric Prado) #4

I really don’t understand people’s fascination to get a 12th regular season game.


Time to go back into history and read up on stopping the triple option.


No doubt. Why risk injury in a meaningless game.

It’s not happening people. Deal with it.

(James Duncan) #7

Boom. Keenum’s 2011 and Ward’s 2015 teams. Easily the funnest seasons I’ve had following UH football.


3 more wins will gives the seniors 39 for the last four years. That would be one more win than last years all time winning-est senior class at UH.

Plus its sets up next years seniors to hit +40!


Because by any standard of measurement, a 10 win (double digit) season is special accomplishment. It’s attracts attention: rankings, media, recruits, fans, alumni and donations. It’s special!!

In our 68 years as a football program, we’ve only had eight (8) seasons with 10 or more wins: three (3) seasons in the 70s, one in the 90s, and the rest between 2006-2015.

While the rescheduling of the 12th game is highly unlikely this season to give us a chance at 10 wins, the fascination among fans associated with it is valid and undeniable.

(Eric Prado) #10

Then put an Asterisk next to this year and after it put HURRICANE HARVEY FLOODED THE METROPLEX. Also: UTSA chicken’d out on a December match up. Then move on.


Playing the missed game is huge in terms of finishing 9-3 (bowl win) or `10-3 meaning gaining potential additonal votes for the top 25. Not difficult to understand. It is a game we were to play anyway, not “just scheduling for shcheduling sake”.

(Bryant Hargrave) #12

Just as an aside, the Metroplex is DFW. Let’s not confuse our great City and area with Southern Oklahoma

(Patrick) #13

Not sure it’s possible as the FCS season ends the week prior to the conference championship games and the playoffs start the following week. Only way that we could have scheduled a FCS team was to play them this week during the bye, and getting guys healthy is much more important.

If they really want to play the game, they aren’t limited to just UTSA. They could call up UMass, Florida, FIU, Georgia Tech, UCF, Memphis, Arkansas State, and Miami. UCF, Memphis, and Miami look like they’ll be busy that week while FIU is still in the mix to play in their conference championship. However, at this late of a date, not sure that it would be feasible logistically.

(Trent) #14

SWAC and Ivy League don’t participate in the FCS playoffs.