First half impression

(Drew) #1

The defense is playing well with the exception of the last drive being put in a bad situation. Still, they’re keeping us in the game against a pretty good offense that score 30+.

Offensively we can’t do squat, again. I like Kig at QB but it seems that 75% of plays being called are QB draws, which is exactly what the Bulls defense is expecting. I’m not sure what the thinking is with the OC but, damnit, run some misdirection and let King throw the call. He perfectly capable of make the passes. A least run some 2-back sets and a more diverse offense. It just looks so bland and predictable, as usual.


I’m watching to see if this staff is capable of making half-time adjustments. Offensive or defensive. So far this season …

Our first half performance demonstrates the talent is there. Second half is on coaching.

(James Duncan) #3

Surprised there’s no thread on King starting. Wasn’t it a game time decision or MA made the call earlier?

(Cary) #4

He didn’t start. Postma struggled for two series and King was put in.

(zx504) #5

dont understand the 4th down call at all

penalties really costing us (against the most penalized team in NCAA)

oliver clearly fully back to full strength and built the d-game plan around that

offense searches for identity (against #17) at QB
mulbah fumble on best down field pass of the game

(Charles) #6

I think “offense searches for identity” is way overstating the issue. I’d say offense lost without a coach.

(James Duncan) #7

Ah interesting. Good for MA for not being afraid to mix it up

(Gary Taylor) #8

I think this was to show coogfans that going for it on 4ht down against Memphis was a bad idea. or maybe coaches panicing. Don’t know.