Flashback Friday: Kick 6

(Patrick) #1

I’m a day late, but this was worth it:

“He hurdles his own man!!!”

(WRB) #2

Great memories.

(Larry) #3

Another awesome Coog memory added to a long list since I began attending and going to games in 1969.


That was so freaking awesome! It was so unbelievably loud when that happened. I remember joking to my brother in law with me that it would be funny if he returned a missed kick for a touchdown but of course the odds of that happening are pretty slim.

I remember watching and it even shows in the video how when Brandon Wilson is running it looks as though he’s not even running hard but he was so fast that no one could even get close to him. I think it deceived Oklahoma as well. Another amazing Coog memory.


Big 12 didn’t like that…we were supposed to get crushed…

(Alfred Matthews) #6

my cousin (OU grad) was at the game with me. i was cheering loud as hell next to him when it happened. i got hyped. my cousin left the game early lol

(PMM) #7

While we manhandled OU that day, it is important to remember that OU went undefeated in the big12-2 that year…Of course, we choked away a few Herman games later that year !!

(WRB) #8

Yep. While the memorable wins are great fun, one game or even a few games do not make a successful season. Have to come ready to play each and every week in order to win the ones we are “supposed” to and even some we aren’t.


We have one more chance to do this in 2019

(Mark Shapiro) #10

I remember pointing to him in the back of the end zone explaining to my wife that he was there in case the kick was short. I also told her if it happens there is a good chance he scores because most on the kick team are fat and slow. LOL

(CoogNation_14) #11

That was so crazy! Lost my voice and mind. Amazing experience

(Ben) #12

The OU team was their field goal team, mostly big, slow heavy linemen to block for the kick attempt. Taking nothing away (I was at the game and enjoyed it thoroughly) from Brandon, he was working against a slow team during his return . . . . .


5th place AAC team beat the B12 Champion and 2nd best ACC team. The great ‘what if’…oy…


Agree, but for a smaller guy he takes long fast strides. Longer strides than most guys his size.