For UH offense, great expectations but average results

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JD shares our sentiments.

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I wish I could say UH has an average O but it is actually slightly below right now. UH has many other problems besides the QB position but one thing especially is troubling about what is happening this season.

UH has one of the best D since the 2nd year of the R & S as far as talent. Everyone looks back at the O back then but it was the D that produced turn overs, 3 and outs, etc, and the most NFL players.

If I would have posted last week that the TTech O would have only 13 points in the first half in spite of UH giving up an interception in their first drive setting up TT deep in UH end of the field. Would you have thought that UH would be trailing 13-10 or leading going into halftime?

Regardless of the QB, OL, RB play, etc. if this average to below average O continues. This could be the first time that UH has wasted one of the best D’s in school history. UH O actually does not need to score as many points to win, but against SMU, Memphis, Tulsa, USF, and Navy it needs more points per game than what it is averaging right now to defeat these teams.

As an old guy I remember hearing so many times during recruiting that the hardest player to recruit in college FB is an outstanding 5 star DL.
We have one who is surrounded by some other quality D players. Hope we do not look back at this year as what might have, could have, should have been like last year.

This D deserves better that what the O has done so far.


Perfect summary. Great news is really, like you say, the O doesn’t have to be stellar just not bad.


I think it’s a fair summary of our talent


unfortunately our O is bad.

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Agree, JD maybe on to something here.

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Let’s go with glass half full. People thought Texas Tech was going to score 40+ points on UH before the game. If you asked those same people, how many points will Tech score if UH’s offense has 4+ turnovers, what would they have guessed. The offense has struggled against two P5 teams but the defense has performed better than expected this early with 5 defenders drafted the last two years.

I think with the defense performing like it has, it gives an opportunity for King to come in, not have to be perfect and still win our division.