FOUR Memphis basketball players test positive

And there will be no follow up on how they are doing in 2 weeks. Just the splash. I want to know how the UH kids are that tested positive. Did they see the hospital? Did they see the icu? Did they get a respirator?

The lack of follow up on these splash headlines is aggravating. Did any of the 50 Clemson players die? How about the Brooklyn Nets? Or the Broncos?


I agree the lack follow up makes it hard to understand whats happening. These headlines probably disincentivize schools to release much info as well.

can almost assure you the answer is no to all three of your questions regarding our athletes.

If something more happens it will be in the news. Reason is most of these kids are asymptomatic or not showing anything serious enough for a visit to the hospital.

So can we assume none of the cases for student athletes has gotten more severe or else that would be headlines across nation?

But the pure shock of the headline makes people think kids are just dying all over athletic facilities across the country.


No. It’s not shock value.

But it shows that the virus is among the student population. While the four or five hundred athletes are less likely to suffer adverse effects, the other 45,000 students include many that cannot bear the virus well and may suffer much or die.


Is death the bottom line for this virus? Are possible long term effects ignored?


The table shows COVID deaths by age group as posted by the CDC on 7/8/20.
Of the 112,226 deaths attributed to Covid in the USA only 171 are for people aged 24 or less. STOP the dramatics. It was said a couple of days ago…MORE PEOPLE 100 OR OVER HAVE DIED FROM COVID THAN PEOPLE 24 OR LESS! That is the facts per the CDC.

As for opening schools… the facts are that only 29 kids aged 14 or less have died of COVID BUT that 100 have died from influenza. SO we are supposed to keep all the schools closed because of 14 deaths? You will shut down college sports because 171 kids 24 or less have died of Covid? Then why not for the 151 that have died from the flu? And we should stop driving because you don’t want to see stats on deaths in auto accidents 24 or less!

YES we should be smart but we need to concentrate os where the problem areas and vulnerable people are. IF I was in my 20’s I would honestly try to get it and be done with it. Then I could go about my life with a tag/braclet saying I have the anibodies… leave me alone!


Yep that is the news for you. Report every kid that supposedly has Covid and then never follow up that EVERYONE of them has recovered 100%.

And of the those who have passed away 24 or under nearly all if not all passed away from previous conditions or had compromised immune systems.


I thought I was going to read, “tested positive for “advanced swelling of checking account contracted through exposure to bagmanitis”

Are you insane? The facts are that even if you get vivid and have a mild case, haven’t you heard that you may have other symptoms, mainly lung problems for the rest of your life. If you think this is good for someone who has a dream of playing pro sports, dude you must be completely unfeeling for the athletes who have put their life and soul into their dream!!

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Better just lock ourselves inside for the rest of our short lives and get our subscription to ESPN Classic cause rona is coming for our souls!

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Not trying to get into a big Covid debate but no those are not the facts and not even close from the 99% who have recovered.

No I haven’t. Do have you have any links?

I think your definition of “recovered” is narrow. The recovered 99% includes all those with significant lung damage and other long lasting effects. It doesn’t mean that folks in that category are peachy keen with nothing to worry about. “Recovered” really means that they’re no longer suffering from the acute symptoms of the infection.


Keep reading the fear guys. There is a reason you are not hearing any follow up reports on these csses.

From what I have heard, all is cool on the BB front.

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