Friday Night Lights set for April 12

(Doug) #101

Yes any comments on some players from the spring game/ scrimmage/ practice?


Wow, no comments. That is strange…

(Jimmy Morris) #103

Dana made them all sign a no disclosure clause on their way out the gate.


It started pouring. I left early. I didn’t like the new offensive formation. I think it was called the duck formation. It’s for the birds.


Chuck and duck?

(CoogNation_14) #106

Well it wasn’t pretty for the offense. Much slower, saw a few swing passes that gave me flashbacks especially after king threw a pick 6 on one of these dump passes. :mask: Timing with receivers is off. On the bright side the run game was much better.

Regarding the defense, they look consistant. No big plays and The 4 man front provided constant pressure on the QB. The QB’s had to get rid of the ball quickly. Not many missed tackles.

Spring impressions: hopes are high for defense. Offensive line is still coming together, but have a solid run game. It’s also just a spring game.

(Dan) #107

If that translates to fall that’s worth a couple more conference wins right there.

(PMM) #108

Sounds like some of you are missing Applewhite and his “enthusiastic” demeanor !


Imagine if we can add another corner.

(Jimmy Morris) #110

Still puzzled why Dana would push back so hard on JD just trying to clarify to fans what’s going on. Would it have been so bad just to clarify that it’s a scrimmage that is closer to practice quality than game quality?

“It’s going to be a practice and if people want to come watch practice, come watch practice. If it don’t make sense to them then don’t come watch practice you know?”

I can’t tell if he was trying to be a douche to JD or a douche to fans that were hoping to see a Spring game.

(Randy ) #111

I completely disagree with Dana on this one.


They were slinging it upfield on those ‘7 on 7’ drills (with contact). A few dropped passes. Besides that, I agree with you assessment. Up to a 3rd (or 4th?) new offensive scheme for a few of these kids to pick up probably take the summer to fully install. Also, Holgorsen wasn’t showing all his cards.

Agree with the defense…seemed more aggressive. Liked seeing Stuard out there for much of the plays

(Sam) #113

I think he’s laser-focused on doing everything to get this program where it needs to be. No one cares about UH spring practice except passionate UH fans, and it’s not as if they’re going to give up on the team if they don’t get a proper spring game and lots of information about position battles and formations and so on. It won’t affect attendance or really anything else. It may help us in an early game or two. If we win conference next year no one will care. If we don’t we can continue to pick nits.