Fun UH football Quiz

(CoogNation_14) #1

This is just a quick laugh for everyone. I just had the best interview question ever yesterday.

How many of you would have gotten this? Be honest.

Final question(s): Who played in the 1979 Cotton Bowl & Who was the Future Hall of Fame QB? :thinking::thinking:

I got this question😅, partially. I mixed up BC with the team. *Note: I am Class of 2014. Know your team’s history. Haha

I’ll post the game replay later.


Amazing. I was wanting Coog football real bad two weekends ago so i queued up this game. It was great, even though the outcome wasn’t.


Notre Dame /UH Joe Montana

(CoogNation_14) #4

This was a tough one visually for me because we played BC in 1985 In the Cotton Bowl. I actually first said Nebraska, but that was in the 80’ Cotton bowl.

(Gregg) #5

I was there, coldest day in Dallas history… somehow I got home, most didn’t.


Yeah, I was there, too. I’ll never forget that. I actually liked Joe Montana, too, mostly because of what they did to Texas the year before.


Are they still out there somewhere? I hope not!!:joy:


I was there also. Decided that it was too dangerous to drive home in the dark and wife and I got a room and came home the next day…


Joe Mantegna. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Butch) #10

I have been to a lot of cold games in my life, but the Ice Bowl in Dallas that year was the worst…I remember slipping on the ice in the parking lot coming to the front gate. I like it so much I did it going back to my car after the game…lol…
Great comeback by the Irish and Montana, but had there been replay like there is now that final catch for the winning touchdown would have been ruled out of bounds and we would have won…

(Larry) #11

Coogs vs Irish in the Ice Bowl. Joe Montana and the half-time chicken noodle soup. Was there with my two brothers. We went up as a 4 or 5 bus group chartered by IIRC “Red” Royal. One bus skidded in ice into the ditch and 5 became 4. Watched most of the first half on the bus TVs arriving before half. Chipped 1/2-1" of ice off ND Mid-field seats to watch. Buses caught up in Ice Storm blockage on I-45. So cold our bus toilet relief valve froze and had to be chipped loose with screwdriver and hammer. Those memories will always be frozen into our memories.

(Larry) #12

“Damn right he was out of bounds😖”


I was there as a young 8 year old coog fan with my parents.

((ㆆ _ ㆆ)) #14

My soon-to-be wife and I were there and I still think it was the coldest I’ve ever felt. We tried to drive back that night but ended up pulling off in Corsicana after several cars around us slid off into ditches. We joined a big group at the Dairy Queen, got a police escort thru town, and ended up spending the night on cots at the National Guard Armory.

Kris Haines, the Irish receiver who caught the td pass at the end supposedly told Bill Yeoman at a college all star game they both were involved in that he indeed did step out of bounds before he made the catch. I’ve heard that story a few times. Don’t know how true it is.

(Mike Higdon) #15

I was at the game when ND was given the TD on a pass caught out of bounds for the win. I was on a Royal Allen bus trip that started with 4 buses, but one turned back at Madisonville. Outside of Corsicana, another ran off the road and hung up in the swale between the north and south bound lanes. We got the folks off that bus and split them on the remaining 2 buses and I stood up the rest of the way. We didn’t arrive until just before the half. When we got there, people were leaving looking like victims of a disaster. The ice on my seat was at least an inch thick and had to be broken off. It was miserable. The ending made it worse.

(Larry) #16

red80 we were obviously on the the same group of buses. Royal Allen, didn’t remember his name correctly. My bus I think was closer to the end of the group so we missed the up front events. Was it in Corsicana where we stopped at the truck stop? I couldn’t remember but our group enjoyed watching the 18 wheelers back up to the far end of the overpass and try to get enough speed and traction to reach the top of the overpass. Some would make it and others would slide back down. I remember discussions on our bus about making a diesel stop in Dallas before we headed back. Also, we were on the bus that got stopped and ticketed at UH Campus entrance by HPD for being in the wrong lane to turn or something like that. Our driver had probably been awake 30 hours at that point.

(Ben) #17

We were there also. Drove up the day before and played about 13 holes of golf. About the 7th hole, the front blew in and by 13, even with rain cover on cart, it was too cold to complete the round. Next day, all of the seats in the Cotton Bowl were covered in ice. My good friend went home at half time. Too cold for a Dallas resident. My wife and I stayed and during the game, we moved down to the end zone area (for some reason I do not recall). I seem to remember that on 3rd or 4th down, our QBack pitched the ball. As I recall, he was running into a hole that had he kept the ball, would not have been stopped until he hit Oklahoma City. Play failed to covert first down and we were sitting right in front of where the ND receiver caught the ball out of bounds. Easy for us to see. The officials were blinded by the cold . . . . . We drove home after the game. Somewhere along the way, we were driving on the feeder road and approaching a gas station. I noticed a car coming down the driveway (the station was about 10 or 15 feet higher than the feeder road) and I knew I was going to hit him broadside. I took my foot off the accelerator and let the car have it’s head. The crossing vehicle slid, just as I expected, into the grassy area between the South bound lanes and the feeder. Luckily, I missed hitting him by just a few inches. I believe we traveled on ice for about 100 miles. Eight or nine hours after leaving the game, we made it home to Missouri City . . . . .

(Gary Taylor) #18

I was there and it took me 15 minutes to kick the ice off the 4 seats we had. Had to leave at halftime because it was just too darn cold. Made it to Newton Texas where we ran out of gas - no electricity across East Texas - limbs on pine trees were breaking like gunfire. Fortunately a wrecker came by and hauled us to gas station that had a generator to pump gas. Made it back to New Orleans after a 13 hour trip.


Worst bowl trip ever. We drove from Houston the day before the game. We had reservations for two nights at the old Howard Johnson on 75. The ice storm was already in progress on the drive. We checked into the HJ and our room had no power. I saw other buildings in the complex with power so I went back to the front desk to request another room. Folks from the surrounding neighborhood were checking in because their power was out as well. After some hell raising, we got another room, although the heat was not working properly.

We decided to check out the day of the game due to the lack of heat in the room.

At the game, we had to break ice loose from our seats. Not only was the temperature in the single digits, but the wind was howling, too. I believe all but possibly one score was made in the south end zone due to the wind, which is one reason our 22 point lead evaporated in the fourth quarter.

The drive home was as bad as others described it. We didn’t move for an hour at one point, and finally drove through a median and circled behind the big rest area south of Ennis, and got around the traffic. I had a big land whale '78 Thunderbird which may have helped with traction. We stopped for breakfast in Huntsville, and by the time we arrived in Houston, we were almost into morning rush hour.

To top the trip off, we arrived home to frozen pipes in the house. Luckily, they did not burst. The other thing I recall is that we mush have turned the heat in the house off or way down, and all of the fish in our aquarium were floating.