G5 scheduling?


P5 will no longer schedule a G5 of any worth/value since they can use that against an undefeated G5 in the polls. There will be no proof a P5 turned down an opportunity to schedule UCF, UH or even Boise for that matter. Boise was able to schedule a P5 before the CFP came along.


Boise took several “neutral” site games that weren’t at a neutral site at all (UGA in Atlanta, VTech in D.C.). They did a 2 for 1 with Michigan State where the first game at Michigan State was 10 years before the “home and home.” You can get big games but you aren’t going to get a home and home with Bama. We got the OU series by playing at NRG.

Florida’s AD said today he was willing to schedule UCF in a 2 for 1.


FU Florida!

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Actually the “OU series” was two one-and-done sets.

The Advocare Texas Bowl Kickoff invited OU for the one year. Period. End of conversation they invited UH to be the other sode of that game. Could have chosen anyone.

Completely unrelated, UH agreed to a one game in Norman, no return.

It was not negotiated as a home and home. The advocare texas team has nothing to do with our scheduling.


False. There’s also no way we would have just agreed to a one and done road game with OU under Mack Rhoades. He wasn’t even willing to do 2 for 1s. If we could have just done the one game at NRG and not had to go to Norman we would have done that.