Gabe Grant

(Russel ) #1

I see that he was pretty highly touted juco recruit but hasn’t been much of a factor this season. Do people expect him to be more of a factor next year with what we have leaving?

(Charles) #2

I remember a comment by CKS at the start of the season that he thought Grant would be critical to the success of the year. He hasn’t done much but, thankfully, hasn’t been needed. Maybe he plays an important practice role.

(Brad) #3

There’s a YouTube of coach talking about recruits coming in from November were he talks about the whole team. I believe he discusses Gabe there. My memory is that he says Gabe is a great shooter. And also mentioned in that interview or another from that time frame, that he finally has 10 guys so they can properly scrimmage.

Thing about Gabe, is there is some talent leaving in Van Beck and Gray, but there is a lot of great talent coming in. He’s going to have to earn time.

(Alfred Matthews) #4

strength in numbers and depth the reason why he hasn’t gotten PT.

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Based on his offers & JUCO success, I thought he would have a big impact.

Is he suited to play SG at this level?
He has outside shooter SF style game and is a bit small for that roll.

Doesn’t fit in our 3 guard style with the depth & talent ahead of him this season. Next year could be a different story.

(gpropes) #6

Simple question - whose minutes would Grant take?

CKS has settled on the guard rotation of Gray/Robinson/Davis/Brooks as the year has progressed. Even Van Beck’s minutes have steadily decreased. He’s too small to take any minutes from the bigs.

As other posters have noted, maybe next year will be a different story.

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He only played 99 minutes so far?
Seemed like more.

(Alfred Matthews) #8

seems like less to me.


Sometimes, recruits don’t work out.

Fact is, Grant was a JC A-A as a freshman, and we signed him as his juco sophomore year was starting in November.

He had a bad sophomore year. Shooting percent went way down. As did scoring, rebounding, assists.

Perhaps he turns it on next year. I am not counting on it.

(Patrick) #10

CKS mentioned in an interview a few weeks ago that Gabe doesn’t have a concept on how to play D1 level defense. Considering how much CKS values defense, that’s pretty biting commentary on him.

Did say that Gabe has been a great guy on the bench and had a great attitude.

Have a feeling that he’s a prime candidate to move on in order to open up the needed scholarship next season.

(Randy Randel) #11

Not so sure about anyone moving on. At practice a couple of weeks ago Kelvin made the statement that every player out there was going to get their degree from UH.

(Patrick) #12

If that’s the case, Sangoyomi will probably be the one who leaves since he graduates.

(PMM) #13

Maybe he will stick around with the same deal that Zanna has .