Galen Robinson moving up the UH career Assist List

(Patrick) #1

Galen had 6 assists last night so he moved ahead of Tom Gribben for 17th all-time and 3 behind Jones and Welch for 15th.

(David) #2

The Providence game is the best I have seen Galen play this season unless my memory is fading. …


With 300 through 2.5 seasons, Galen will easily finish 6th all-time on the assist chart.

Current #6 is Rob Williams at 407.

The question is can he top Lanny Smith and Alvin Franklin, who are currently tied for 4th at 502.

(Patrick) #4

Galen had 3 assists tonight which moves him 1 behind Hayes.

(Patrick) #5

Galen up to 12th

(Patrick) #6


That graphic is wrong… Goldwire was not 1976-1980.

(Patrick) #8


True, considering I watched him play. Looks like they forgot to change a line from the previous graphic after Galen passed Kenneth Williams.

(Patrick) #9

(Patrick) #10

Galen up to 7th all-time


With the weapons this team has and the way he plays, no reason to think that Galen can’t work his way into fourth place by the end of next season.

And some of you wanted him benched as a starter. Shame on you guys. :slight_smile:

(Patrick) #12


I almost passed out when he hit that 3 early in the game. Thought I had the wrong game on!


If he develops an outside shot, he is going to be unbelievable next year.


Or even the threat of an outside shot. I would love to see him jack some up in non-crunch time situations just to build his confidence. I’m talking early next season, not now! If teams even think he’s a threat to shoot, they have to respect the possibility somewhat. If he can even make 25% of them, it will make a huge difference as long as he’s not shooting 10 of them per game.