Game Day Thread


I had a bad feeling that was coming. Lots of temptation in Vegas.

Double whammy for Allen: miss your last bowl game and now have a stigma on you when it comes to the pros. He was probably a borderline prospect at best anyway, but you never know.


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On the brightside these decals are growing on me


I feel like Bonner has been our go to guy the last half of the season so hopefully this is a non-issue. However, I think back to the Navy game when we had a 3 star linebackers out because of discipline issues, it’s sad.

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Hit the nail on the head. The NBA loves doing Summer League in Vegas in part because of that aspect, to see who can handle the temptations.

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Game on ESPN news until grambling over.

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Forgot about this, but Allen was also held out of the beginning of the Memphis game for an undisclosed violation.

SDSU receives the kick and starts at their 25.

Bowser with a sack on the first play.

3 and out for SDSU

3 and out for the COOGS as Corbin cant reel it in.

SDSU starts at their own 15.

COOGS with 3 straight TFL and SDSU has to punt from their 4. COOGS start at the SDSU 38.

This is terrible! I cut the cord and I am forced to watch gambit state

COOGS 1st down.

1st down as BWill makes the catch on 1st down. Looks like BWill is going to get some run.

FG 3-0 Coogs

Another 3 and out by the COOGS.

So the CTO going to UT article is released by Pete Thamel right when the game starts.

That Herman, real classy guy. Pete Thamel is right up there with him.

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