Game Thread: Houston vs. North Carolina Take 2 (L 19-11)

(Patrick) #1

(3) Houston beat (2) Purdue on Sunday in an elimination game. They will face (1) North Carolina at 5 p.m. CT Sunday.

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(Timothy Q. Chan) #2

Are the umps in our dugout tonight? NC got them yesterday, I hope they alternate.

(Patrick) #3

I believe this means that the Coogs would be the home team tomorrow if it makes it that far.

(Patrick) #4

(Patrick) #5

Lockhart starting for the Coogs.

(Patrick) #6

By the way, North Carolina put last night’s starter as their DH in the 9 hole. My guess is that he won’t hit, hasn’t had an at-bat all year, and they’re just leaving their options open for when the spot actually comes up.

(Patrick) #7

(Patrick) #8

Top 1st

2 out single by Triolo. He’s stranded.

M1…No Score

(Patrick) #9

Bottom 1st

Leadoff homer…Heels lead 1-0

Lockhart retires the next 3 batters with 2 Ks

T2…UNC leads 1-0


Shake it off Lockhart

lets get em coogs

(Patrick) #11

Top 2nd

1 out single for Hollis. E4 allows Coldiron to reach, Hollis to 2nd. 4-pitch walk to Etzel loads the bases with 1 out. Lovelace single brings in Hollis, bases still loaded…Tied 1-1

Sac Fly by Bielo scores Coldiron, Etzel to 3rd…Coogs lead 2-1

M2…UH leads 2-1

(Christopher W Allison) #12

I’m not seeing the game on espn3

(Patrick) #13

Try this link, they didn’t have the broadcast up until the Bottom of the 1st:

(Christopher W Allison) #14

a&m eliminated


Solid inning

(Patrick) #16

(Patrick) #17

Bottom 2nd

1 out HBP. Long flyout to center, runner tags and goes to 2nd. K ends the inning

T3…UH leads 2-1

(Patrick) #18

Top 3rd

BOOM!!! Leadoff Homer for Triolo…Coogs lead 3-1

Lockhart single, but he’s thrown out trying to stretch it to a double.

M3…UH leads 3-1


springer dinger


THs got away with what should have been two strikes. And the ump just called the same location a strike for Davis.