GAMEDAY THREAD: Cincinnati at Houston (L 38-23)

Need to run a million pass plays vs Uconn to get whoever the QB is going to be up to speed. Taking 30 years to get a play in isnt going to work against the rest of our schedule.


Can’t agree with you more! It took us 30 seconds to get a play started! That is way too long, especially when you’re behind! We go from hurry-up offense to snail-pace offense! It seems our offense takes a mini vacation between every snap! That has got to go! And it’s on the coaches!


CDH said that Tune hadn’t practiced in two weeks after the injury.

Radio team said Carr didn’t come out of the dressing room after halftime. No word on why


Where were the students? Couldn’t ask for a better day to be outside.

I’ve seen bs calls and inept refs before but that PF when it would have been 4th down was larceny. That said, YOU LEAVE SOMEONE RUNNING OUT OF BOUNDS THE HELL ALONE! :rage:

Still, the drops are what killed us. :fearful: